Small Group Programs

Small Group Training is a great way to achieve your ultimate fitness goals.

Our programs are designed to target areas of fitness that we know our clients are working on such as high intensity fitness programs, advanced strength training clinics, and healthy eating seminars.

The groups are limited in number of participants so you can get the personal attention you want, but also have the community and team atmosphere that motivates you.

The small group workshops have a start and end date to help keep you on track so that you achieve your goals more effectively and efficiently.

So check out our current programs and get started with your Small Group Training today!

Take It Off 2017 (NEW)

Take It Off! Also known as, Look Good Naked!  Whether your goal is losing body fat or gaining lean muscle, our brand new, 8-week body transformation program will help you reach your fitness goals!

Take It Off is an intense small group program lead by our expert coaches. It includes beginning, middle and end measurements to help you stay on track and set the program that's perfect for you.  Your coach will motivate you.  Your teammates will inspire you.  And, the workouts will leave you happy and sweaty!  Using HIIT (high intensity interval training) and Intense Strength Training, along with sound nutritional guidance, our Take It Off program is the perfect way to get the body you want in 8 weeks.

This program includes 4 workouts per week, nutritional guidance, body composition measurements (circumference and weight)* and tons of fun and camaraderie.

*Want more specific body composition analysis to help you attain your goals?  Add our optional InBody measurements at the start, mid-point and end of this 8-week program.  See additional info below, or ask our Front Desk for more info.

Contact the Front Desk for Upcoming Dates

8 Weeks: 4 Sessions / Week


Full Program $640  (just $20 / session)

Group Times and Coaches

6am - 7am:  Coach Kelly Curtis
Monday / Tuesday / Thursday / Friday 

9am - 10am: Coach Jeremy Setty
Monday thru Thursday

* InBody Measurements

“What Gets Measured Gets Done”

Sign up for a package of InBody Measurements to track the changes in your body composition as you Commit to Fit.  The InBody unit provides the ultimate body composition information including precise data on percent body fat and % muscle mass.  Get your baseline measurement on Saturday, January 7th and then follow up on February 4th and/or March 4th to track your progress.  

Book Your Session - Note: Measurement Sessions only take a few minutes.
Please book whichever half hour segment best fits your schedule.

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