Enhance Your Fitness Routine with Our Long Beach, CA Pilates for Men Classes

Ready to take your fitness program to the next level? Figuring out how you're going to come back from a sports injury? Ready to begin a new fitness routine?

John Garey Fitness and Pilates is your answer. Whether you are searching for a new fitness program or you're an athlete looking for a competitive edge, Pilates is the best-kept secret for men's strength and conditioning. Pilates is a full body workout that focuses on control, range of motion, strength, and body awareness. It’s the perfect complement to your training, and it’s also a stand alone workout. Pilates is the key to unlocking your peak performance.

Why Pilates

At its core, Pilates is all about your, well, core – strengthening and toning abdominal and trunk muscles through a series of very specific, very controlled movements. Pilates was designed with athletes in mind. Joseph Pilates, the creator of his groundbreaking namesake regimine, was a sickly child. Through experimenting with movements from different disciplines and studying how animals move, he created a method that changed his body, and his life. Mr. Pilates wanted to spread his method, which he called Contrology and started working with athletes, the infirmed, and even the military during the 1920’s and 1930’s in Germany. Upon moving to New York at the start of World War II, he opened his first studio and the rest is history. He worked with dancers, boxers, gymnasts, acrobats and regular folks, teaching his method of exercises with and without equipment that he created. He emphasized the mind-body connection and focused on breathing techniques to help students become more aware of that connection.

Generally, six principles of Joseph Pilates’ work are recognized today. They are breathing, concentration, centering, precision, flow, and control.

Breathing in Pilates is focused and controlled – deep exhaling helps you focus on your movement. The inhale and exhale are used to promote proper movement and Pilates instructors help you to breathe properly in the course of a class.

Concentration through focusing on your breathing helps you maintain the control necessary to properly execute the exercises.

Control is key in Pilates. Whether you are working slow and steady, or faster, your control of the movement is the key to power and strength gains wins.

Centering helps you pay attention to the core muscles at the heart of a Pilates workout.

Precision is important and teaches body awareness that translates to any sport or life activity.

Flow is the goal for Pilates movements – they should be graceful, as though you are an elite athlete.

Joseph Pilates said that with regular practice, you will start to see results after 10 sessions, you’ll feel the results after 20 sessions and you’ll have a whole new body after 30 sessions. When you've been doing Pilates for even a couple of weeks, you can tell that your posture is better already – you'll find yourself sitting up straighter in your car, and that you feel better even after a long commute. The bottom line is that Pilates is for everyone – whether you're looking for a great way to get in shape, want to add the perfect complement to your current workout routine, or want that secret competitive edge in your sport, Pilates has something for everyone.

Pilates For Athletic Conditioning

You might be surprised by the number of elite athletes that practice Pilates to enhance their performance and help reduce the risk of injury in their sport. Here are just some of the athletes who swear by Pilates to help them gain an edge in their sports: Kendrick Louis, world class Ironman, Lebron James, World class Basketball legend, and Cristiano Ronaldo, elite Soccer Player. These days, pro athletes in almost all sports incorporate Pilates into their training and fitness programs. The common denominator is the full body workout that focuses on core work, mobility with strength, control and body awareness.

Why Pilates for men? Most of these athletes were skeptical before trying Pilates. If you read the articles written about their experience, most were sold after the first session, because of the intensity and focus needed to perform the exercises well. Think about how these elite athletes must demonstrate absolute control over every infinitesimal muscle in their bodies. If these elite athletes are using the Pilates method for more in-depth mastery of their bodies, then you should definitely consider it for your improved balance and strength.

It's almost impossible to live here in SoCal and not want to get outside in the glorious, sunny, weather, but spending some time inside the Pilates studio gives you big advantages when you go outside.

  • Riding a big wave takes a lot of balance and flexibility; the washboard abs are a nice bonus.
  • Hiking, running, and cycling up and around the mountains is fantastic exercise, but you need a degree of fitness to hike without hurting yourself. Core stability, agility, and the stamina you get with increased lung capacity make hiking and being outdoors lots more fun.
  • Swimmers can increase distance and speed when your strong core and shoulder mobility through regular Pilates practice. Competitive swimmers not only focus on extremity musculature (arms and legs), but also must work from the center - the core - to add even more speed and endurance.

Any competitive athlete trains for performance, with two goals in mind – to be at peak readiness when it's time to compete, and to avoid injury. Pilates for men contributes to both of those goals--a super-strong, super-stable core, increased overall mobility, while maintaining strength is the engine that drives an athlete's limbs to perform at the highest levels. The lesser known fact is that this strong and balanced trunk provides a buffer against injury--the intense, controlled movements of Pilates exercises helps strengthen core muscles from every angle and in a wide range of motion.

All of us have a dominant side – if you're right handed, that's probably your stronger side. If you've ever done physical therapy, you know just how in control that dominant side is – you can balance for days and hop around on one foot, and fall over in a heap on the other. Pilates doesn't erase the strength of the dominant side; rather it builds up the weaker side so that your body has better balance overall. When you achieve that balance, your body is better equipped to absorb impact so you don't get injured as often, or if you do get hurt, it's not so severe.

Truly elite athletes have teams of professionals to keep them at peak performance levels, and to ensure their bodies are functioning like fine-tuned machines all the time. But most of us aren't Tom Brady, with a nutritionist handing out organic almond slivers and a hyperbaric sleep chamber; we're weekend warriors who want to improve our time in the poo, on a bike, or on the field. Adding Pilates for men classes to your athletic conditioning routine might not turn you into a superhuman quarterback, but here's what it will do.

  • Strengthen your core – your abdomen, lower back, hips, and buttocks
  • Improve flexibility and balance
  • Better posture and spinal alignment
  • Decreased chance of injury
  • Greater lung capacity through focus on proper breathing

The Reformer

To the casual observer, Pilates looks pretty easy – how hard can exercise be when you get to lay down and take off your shoes? The Reformer, the most popular piece of Pilates equipment, makes it look so easy, until you try it. Our state-of-the-art Merrithew Reformers have a sliding carriage, pulleys and springs, and a set of straps for your hands and feet. A Reformer allows you work with resistance that can make some exercises more achievable and many much more challenging.

In the classes at John Garey Fitness & Pilates, you’ll work on multiple pieces of equipment including the Stability Chair. This unique piece of equipment offers even more ways to challenge strength balance and control.

If you are looking for a more tailored workout, our private sessions, include even more equipment such as the Cadillac – an interesting-looking hybrid of hospital traction and something out of Fifty Shades of Grey. However, don’t be fooled by the look. This piece of equipment is so unique and adds great mobility and strength exercises you can’t get anywhere else. Pilates himself invented it, and a client compared it to a brand new Cadillac – the name stuck!

Which Class Is Right For Me?

Drop by John Garey Fitness and Pilates studio and set up a Fit Desk appointment to determine your fitness goals and help you create the perfect Pilates program for you. An orientation is required before you begin any Pilates for men class – this gets you acquainted with the equipment and some basic exercises.

These are a few classes for athletic conditioning and getting back into shape.

  • Strength and Reformer Class – a combination of Reformer training that incorporates weights, bands, TRX, and MedBall – for additional strength training with Pilates flexibility.
  • Cardio Tramp and Reformer – all the punch and aerobics of a fitness trampoline class, combined with the conscious muscle movements of the Reformer – the benefits of two classes in one.
  • Reformer AC – athletic conditioning for power and strength, these exercises were designed by John Garey and are performed on the Stability Chair and the Reformer. Reformer AC is a great Pilates introduction if you are coming from a "traditional" fitness background.
  • Reformer+ – after you've mastered Reformer Pure (our beginner classes), or if you're a more advanced Pilates student, Reformer+ classes are intermediate level and build on coordination, balance, and mobility and use the Stability Chair as well as the Reformer.

John Garey Fitness and Pilates studio offers classes that work with any schedule, so don't let the excuse that you're busy get in the way of your New Year's athletic conditioning resolution.