Small Group Programs

Small Group Training is a great way to achieve your ultimate fitness goals.

Our programs are designed to target areas of fitness that we know our clients are working on such as high intensity fitness programs, advanced strength training clinics, and healthy eating seminars.

The groups are limited in number of participants so you can get the personal attention you want, but also have the community and team atmosphere that motivates you.

The small group workshops have a start and end date to help keep you on track so that you achieve your goals more effectively and efficiently.

So check out our current programs and get started with your Small Group Training today!

Early Bird Training

This is a result driven, high focus, moderate intensity training session. Built on the basics of fundamental movement and resistance training. Each session will consist of a mobility flow warm up. Depending on the focus of the session, the warm up will be geared towards making sure the body is adequately prepared for the resistance training itself. As far as the resistance training, we will navigate through the posterior chain, the shoulder girdle, the hip girdle, glute activation, calves and how they effect our entire body, all while maintaining a safe and respectful, clean and fun environment. We will finish each session with a light stretch, leaving the body rejuvenated and ready to move through the obstacles of life.

Our next season will be starting in August.  

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Summer Shred
Yoga Strength & Mobility